Thank You for Twenty Three Outstanding User Interface Conferences

Every year, for the past two decades, we’ve said, “We’ll keep doing this until we get it right.” Well, UI23 is the closest we think we’ll ever get to perfection. And we’ve decided that it’ll be our last UI Conference.

Don’t worry. UIE and Center Centre aren't going anywhere, we’re focusing our efforts differently to help you drive better design.

If you’re wondering what we’re up to, and how we can help you tackle your latest design challenges, visit That’s the best place to find the products we offer to provide you the expertise you need to deliver better products.

For those that attended UI23, or folks wondering what you might have missed, we did record all of the featured talks and Jared’s keynote. They’re over in UIE's All You Can Learn Library.

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I REALLY enjoyed the UI Conference! It was something else, and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever felt more juiced up and loaded for bear (as they say). Every 10 minutes or more I was learning something new, something I could take back with me. Add to that the amazing people and the good food, and I feel it was money truly well spent. You’ve created something so special here. I strongly encourage other non-designers such as me to come next year. It is so much bigger than just for designers or product people.

— A quote from past attendee surveys