UI23 - Our 23rd and Final UI Conference

October 16, 2018

Every year, for the past 23 years, the UIE team and I have said, “We’ll keep doing this until we get it right.” Well, UI23 is the closest we think we’ll ever get to perfection. And we’ve decided that we’ll make it our last UI Conference.

Don’t worry. UIE and Center Centre aren't going anywhere, but we’ll be focusing our efforts differently to help you drive better design.

If you’ve wanted to attend the UI Conference, now is your last chance.

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23 years for a conference is a long time. In that time, our industry has grown tremendously. In those years, UX professionals everywhere have come to the UI Conference to learn the latest and most important techniques.

In the early days, the conference was an introduction to most of the techniques we use today: user research, information architecture, and content strategy. Now at the conference, UX professionals, like you, learn advanced methods: using data visualization for complex storytelling, building scalable design systems, and guerrilla user research techniques.

The full-day, intensive, deep dive workshop format is the center of the conference. Over the years, our full-day workshops and featured talks have helped thousands of UX designers, product managers, and developers gain a deeper understanding of how to deliver great products and services.

This year, our final year, will be no different. It is indeed our best event yet. We’ve carefully selected an all-star lineup. Jeff Gothelf, Cyd Harrell, Kim Goodwin, Brian Suda, and Nathan Curtis are UX Rockstars.

I’m even giving a workshop, with the ever-brilliant Dana Chisnell. I’ve been putting this conference together for 23 years, and this is the first time I’ve taught a workshop. We’re pulling out all the stops.

That’s why you can’t pass this opportunity up. You need to be a part of the celebration of 23 years of incredible growth in our industry. You need to learn from the best experts so you can go back to your organization and deliver better design.

Our world needs you to have all of the best resources and tools. You are the future of UX. We would be honored to celebrate our industry together, with you.

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Chair of the UI Conference for 23 years.


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