Convince Your Boss

Anyone who’s been to a UI conference will tell you it’s an incredible, inspiring experience. You know there’s no other place you can learn about delivering delightful designs that scale well, feel cohesive, and provide elegant simplicity all under one roof, but does your boss?

If you’re going to ask your boss to pick up the tab, you have to make a bold case for attending. Use this information and cost summary to help you get the green light.

Four Overall Benefits:

  1. Guide your team and stakeholders to integrated end-to-end experiences.
  2. Defeat messy, convoluted information with organized, simple designs.
  3. Build empathy throughout the organization with compelling stories of the users.
  4. Create the knowledge and tools to construct cohesive designs that scale.

Proven Techniques and Best Practices for UX Designers

Move beyond inspiration and immerse yourself. Jared Spool curated eight master-grade workshops, each taught by an industry leader on groundbreaking UX design skills you won’t find anywhere else. Roll up your sleeves, get down to work, and change the way you design forever. Attend two full-day workshops and a day of talks to learn the latest strategies and techniques for building great products.

Tackle Critical UX Topics and Move Projects Forward

  • Map your users’ emotion as it changes on their journey across channels, and identify new opportunities to design for delight.
  • Create journey arcs and storyboards that identify and solve real user problems.
  • Align your entire team to effectively articulate problem statements and design principles.
  • Reduce your design’s confusion and frustration by implementing controlled vocabularies and taxonomies.
  • Define the character traits and key messages for your conversational UI interactions.
  • Gain tools and techniques for integrating design thinking into your product development process.
  • Delve into journey mapping, create scenarios that identify and resolve design issues, and deliver solutions that delight users.
  • Lead your team through a rapid, disciplined, and time-boxed design cycle that achieves stunning design concepts.

Summary of Costs

Item Expense
Conference fee $1,575 (through June 24)
Hotel costs $850 (for 3 nights)
Flight $300–$600
Transportation to and from airport $15–$25
Food $100
Total $3,540–$3,850