UI23 is happening in just over a week and you should be a part of it

October 31, 2018

The agenda is pretty awesome. The food is incredible. There are abundant chances to meet new and interesting people.

If you’re coming for just one day, then come Tuesday, our Featured Talks Day. Take in the expertise of each of our incredible UX design masters. Hear 7 great presentations that will change the way you approach your design practice:

Tuesday’s Featured Talks

Kim Goodwin

Bringing Back “Human-Centered” Design with Kim Goodwin

Define relevant metrics and bring human-centered design principles back into the conversation to support business and user experience goals.

Jeff Gothelf

Lean vs. Agile vs. Design Thinking with Jeff Gothelf

Learn how teams can work across methodologies—from Agile to Design Thinking— and collaborate to build better products.

Brian Suda

The Language of Data with Brian Suda

Learn how to navigate the language and tools of data visualization and find the right solutions for your audience.

Kim Goodwin

Advancing Your UX Career with Cyd Harrell

Take the next step from mid-level UX professional to a senior-level position with tips from mentoring to building a solid resume and portfolio that will get you there.

Jeff Gothelf

Democracy is a Design Problem with Dana Chisnell

Hear a behind-the-scenes tour of five years of slogging through research-based adjacent possibles that revealed a view of voters no one had seen before.

Brian Suda

Documenting Components with Nathan Curtis

Build and architect an effective component page in your library with this primer on how to address your audience, content, and organization.

Kim Goodwin

The Evolution of a New UX Design Revolution with Jared Spool

Pull back to an organization level, working to connect applications and other services together.

There’s never been a better time to be a designer so attend UI23 and celebrate our industry with us. Join us for our 23rd and final UI Conference Featured Talks day.

See you in November at UI23,

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